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Many men chased the dream of flying since ancient times, but not until 1783 when the first hot air balloon carried a human on a twenty minutes flight in Paris. Ironically, we can’t determine the landing site of hot air balloon unless it’s tethered, as the balloon will lift and land downwind. Sounds adventurous? Indeed, […]

WCG 2007 (Suntec, Singapore)

Remember the old time when your parents scolded you for playing games? And it would get worse when you told them that your main reason for addicting in the game was to represent the country to compete in cyber olympic. OK, time has changed, and I have seen many people (pro gamers) today in Suntec, […]


华语版请点击这里。 It’s early Saturday morning! Too bad, I have to wake up now because I have a commitment to fulfill. A hazy day I suppose, with low visibility… Damn it, I wonder will I accidentally kick on the wrong balls breathe in the haze after the excessive sport event later? After McD breakfast, I “tumpang” […]

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